Friday, May 18, 2018

Hakone Day Trip

I went for a day trip in Hakone back in December 2017 and it was pretty awesome.

The Hakone trip was like a round course, where you start from a checkpoint and end the trip at the same place.

There were many rides to go around the place, i.e. by train, cable car, ropeway and sJo on.

The town of Hakone Yumoto is simply beautiful. It gives this cozy feeling!

This was at Gora, where we had to take like a tram to Sounzan. The ropeway is at Sounzan.

View from Sounzan. As it was autumn, the leaves were just beautiful. Great scenery here.

Some food at Lake Ashi. After coming down with the ropeway, we had to take a cruise at Togendai. Before doing so, we had lunch!

Hakone is quite an amazing place to visit. Do remember to acquire a Hakone free pass for your journey.

Friday, March 24, 2017

New blog

Hi guys, this blog has been dead for a couple of years and I've switched over to

Do follow me on the new blog for a totally different user experience!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


         I am finally a fourth and final year law student, a course I began pursuing approximately 4 years ago. Years back while I was still a naive secondary school student I wouldn't have even thought of joining this course or rather this legal field, considering that I have never been an outspoken student in school. Nonetheless, here I am and I'm old (or at least I feel), thinking about the what-ifs if I had taken another road. I took the road less taken and all I can do now is to bare with it and strive for excellence in this field of mine.

         Since my legal attachment has come to an end, life has returned to "normal"; no more routine hours of work, early sleeping hours, routine lunch places, so on and so forth. Unfortunately as well, I do miss my legal attachment period (though it was tiring); I miss my ex-colleagues and bosses, freedom after work, hanging out with friends from different firms, quadrangular activities with three other firms, etc. Now that I'm back to my university days, I have somewhat rekindled my friendship with my friends that I've not seen during the legal attachment days. Life is seemingly normal in the context of previous trimesters. 

         I'm half asleep as I'm typing this blog entry, after an enjoyable and strenuous badminton game and supper with my uni friends. Uni life is just tiring, albeit fun at the same time. Continuous lectures and tutorials from morning till late evening are just mentally exhausting. Keeping committed to working out in the gym, badminton with friends and hanging out with friends, amongst others, can be really tiresome when there are lots of tutorials and exams to prepare for. As I conclude this blog entry, I really hope that this final year (if all subjects are passed) will be filled with much joy and memorable moments to be cherished forever. I'm grateful for all of my friends that have stayed by my side despite my shortcomings. Thank you. =)

Friday, June 28, 2013

29/6/2013 - Resolutions

Finally it's time to start off with at least 1 of my New Year resolutions - to be fitter. After several years of contemplation, I have finally decided to join a fitness centre in Bukit Beruang. Though it may be a bit pricy, I have subscribed as a member at De One Fitness. 

This gym is located at the top floor of BB Bazaar, just opposite the karaoke joint. 

What this means is that I will have less time in managing my studies and also my social activities. Nevertheless, I still hope that utilising this amount of time would be worthwhile at the end. Slowly but surely, I would get there someday. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Has Happened?

        Yeah, my readers who do not exist.. what has happened? Two years back, things were going smooth and we were happy.. like REALLY happy. But now, things easily turn sour and we often get into 'cold wars' amongst each other. What has happened to our camaraderie? our friendship? Maybe it's because I'm too used to them that I take them for granted. Or maybe I'm just frustrated that things have gone dull and boring. Life has become plain and a mere routine to be followed. An idle mind is the devil's workshop. Boredom often leads us to do things that we aren't proud of. Maybe it's just pride. The stubbornness to give in, to compromise.

It's true that life is too short to be filled with regrets. I guess it's time that we look at who our friends actually are and treat them right. We should cherish our real friends. We should not waste our time to chase after those who do not treat you the same way or even satisfy their needs simply because we want to please them.

Sigh, this is so true. What made the change? Perhaps making new friends will affect the dynamics of the group. When others come into your life, changes will occur. Especially when there are girls involved. Things become personal and emotion gets into your way. Life gets more complicated, even more so considering that there are more people to please. 

That's all for now. Signing out ~

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Every once in a while we tend to look back at the things we almost certainly should have done. It is often said that it is better to do something than regret it later. There will always be the 'what-ifs'. What if this and that would have happened? Although we may be afraid of the consequences of what we may have done but I guess it is more painful to recall what we have failed to do. We are all victims of emotion and the feeling of regret is part and parcel of our lives. 

Common regrets that we have faced:

* Failing to revise for our exams although we tell ourselves otherwise

* Not attending an event or an outing just because we are afraid that things may not go as planned

* Failing to learn something new or be productive especially when there was the opportunity to do so

* Not taking the initiative to make new friends

* [insert your own]

Saturday, March 23, 2013

One Piece - Episode 702

     The Strawhat pirates together with Trafalgar Law have reached Dressrosa in the previous chapter and have split up according to their plans. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and two others entered into a bar and met an old blind man with incredible power.



Earlier, Admiral Sakazuki sent a man named Fujitora (looks not disclosed) to go after both Luffy and Law in the island of Dressrosa. There are lots of speculation for the blind man to actually be an Admiral since Fujitora means 'Purple Tiger' in Japanese. This is similar to the current and ex-Admirals, Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru which respectively mean 'Red Dog', 'Blue Pheasant' and 'Yellow Monkey'. Their names which are actually combinations of 'color and animal' may be an indication that Fujitora is a new Admiral, which will replace Aokiji's place.

Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru are all Logia type devil fruit users, which may connote that Fujitora's new skill is also based on a Logia fruit. If the blind man is indeed Fujitora, some have argued that he has the power of gravity seeing how he defeated a bunch of men in the bar by sinking them into the ground, creating a huge black hole. Some also argued that he controls earth since earth would be considered as a Logia type.


When Zoro realised that his Shuusui sword was stolen, he went chasing after a 'fairy' for it. Luffy and the rest went to the colosseum and discovered that the prize for winning would be the Mera Mera fruit (fire Logia) that belonged to his late brother, Ace. The main question is, would Luffy participate in the colosseum and withhold his initial plans of destroying the factory that produces 'Smile' just for the sake of the Mera Mera fruit?